May 2016, Argonne National Laboratory, Benioff Symposium: Quantum Gates and Quantum SImulators with Atoms

Feb 2016, Gunnar Källén Lecture, Lund University, Sweden: Quantum Computer Hardware

Feb 2016, Department of Energy: Quantum Computing and Quantum Simulation

Jan 2016, Colloquium at the Ohio State University: Quantum Networks with Atoms and Photons

Feb 2014, Briefing, Washington area CTO Roundtable: Quantum Technology: Putting Weirdness To Use

Jan 2014, Colloquium at the University of New Mexico: Scaling the Ion Trap: Breaking Quantum Badness

July 2013, Varenna Summer School on Ion Traps: Quantum Simulation,  Lecture I    Lecture II

Oct 2008, National Science Foundation: Quantum Information Science: A Second Quantum Revolution



Nov 2019, Berlin, Falling Walls Conference: The Falling Walls of Computing

Oct 2018, Santa Fe Institute: Quantum Computers

May 2018, Feynman100 Festival at CalTech: Quantum Computing: Feynman’s Opportunity

May 2015, Google, Venice Beach: Modular Ion Trap Quantum Networks: Going Big

May 2013, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH): Quantum Magnetism From The Bottom Up

July 2012, University of Waterloo Quantum Summer School: Trapped Ion Quantum Computation: Lecture I     Lecture II

Dec 2010, University of Vienna, Keynote Address for Inauguration of VCQ: Putting Quantum Weirdness To Use

Feb 2009, University of California, Berkeley: Quantum Networks with Atoms and Photons

Mar 2007, University of Michigan Saturday Morning Physics: The Physics Behind Music