DATE quiz? Subtopic Reading HW
27-Jan W Math Review I: Taylor expansions, complex var
29-Jan F Math Review II:  probability theory 1
1-Feb M Math Review III:  partial differential equations
3-Feb W  Q no class (fire alarm)
5-Feb F Mechanical and E/M waves, the “ether” KK 12.1 2 1
8-Feb M The Michelson interferometer  KK 12.1-12.3
10-Feb W Galilean & Lorentz transformations; the postulates of special relativity  12.4-7
12-Feb F relativistic kinematics: simultaneity, length contraction  12.7-8 3 2
15-Feb M No Class (Snow Day)
17-Feb W relativistic kinematics: length contraction, time dilation 12.8
19-Feb F transformation of velocities, Doppler effect 12.9-10
22-Feb M Q relativistic Doppler effect, twin paradox 12.10-11 4 3
24-Feb W relativistic momentum and energy 13.1-4
26-Feb F applications of relativistic energy 13.5-6
29-Feb M four vectors and invariants 14.1-6  5  4
2-Mar W General Relativity survey  14.7
4-Mar F MIDTERM EXAM #1  5
7-Mar M Historical development of Quantum Physics: the need for a new theory.  3 Puzzles  (a) Blackbody Radiation  E&R Chap 4
9-Mar W (b) blackbody radiation, heat capacity of solids  E&R Chap 1
11-Mar F (c) atomic structure, quantized atomic energy levels  E&R Chap 1 6
21-Mar M Electron diffraction.  The principles of quantum mechanics  Feynman III.1
23-Mar W The Schroedinger Wave Equation  E&R     Chap 4-5
25-Mar F Wavefunctions, normalization, and expectation values, position and momentum Griffiths 1.1-1.5, E&R 5.1 – 5.4
28-Mar M Q The uncertaity principle Griffiths 1.5-1.6 7 6
30-Mar W Time-independent Schroedinger Equation, infinitely deep square well. Griffiths 2.1-2.2
1-Apr F Delta function potential: bound and scattering states Griffiths  2.2, 2.5
4-Apr M Free particle, summary of harmonic oscillator and Coulomb potentials  Griffiths 2.4  8 7
6-Apr W Lattices, band structure Griffiths  5.3.2
8-Apr F More complex atoms; spin, identical particles  Griffiths 4.4, 5.1
11-Apr M MIDTERM EXAM #2  8
13-Apr W Kinetic theory of gases
15-Apr F Entropy and stat mech
18-Apr M The Partition Function  9
20-Apr W Q The Laws of Thermodynamics
22-Apr F Information and computing, Shannon entropy
25-Apr M Dissipation in computing, reversible computing  10 9
27-Apr W Quantum information science, qubits and entanglement
29-Apr F Qubits: two-level systems
2-May M quantum gates  11 10
4-May W Quantum computation
6-May F Q Quantum communication
9-May M Quantum hardware 11